According to a new poll, over three-quarters of Conservative leave voters in England would rather the UK left the EU than Scotland remained part of the UK.

The results come following new polling from Lord Ashcroft which stands up a previous poll that found that more in England wanted Brexit to happen, even if it meant Scottish independence. 

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Asked whether they would choose between Brexit or keeping Scotland in the Union, 76 per cent of Tory Leave voters said they would prioritise Brexit over the continued integrity of the UK. This compared to the 45% of English voters who would prioritise Scotland remaining in the UK over Brexit.


Among Leave voters, 61% said they wouldn’t mind either way if Scotland voted for independence, while ten per cent said they would be happy.

The results were similar with Northern Ireland with 74% of Tory leave voters in England would choosing to leave the EU over Northern Ireland remaining part of the UK.

Many felt that Brexit made Scottish independence more likely, with just 23% saying it would not boost calls for an indyref. 

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The polling was conducted in October, based on a sample of 1,558 adults in England.

It comes after a previous round of polling from Lord Ashcroft in August put support for independence at 46% for and 43% against.

Polls carried out by Ashcroft polls