The SNP has increased its share of the vote in Scotland since the 2017 election by five points, according to a new poll conducted by YouGov.

The poll conducted from October 23 to 25, showing voting intention when compared to the 2017 general election revealed that in Scotland SNP support has risen from 37% to 42% now.

But the survey will make bleak reading for Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard, as it shows the party support collapsing from 27% to 12%.

It means that Labour is currently running in fourth place behind the Lib Dems whose support has risen from 7% to 13%.

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According to YouGov, if this figure remains the same on election day it will be the worst Labour result in Scotland for more than 100 years.

Meanwhile Tory support, off the back of the resignation of leader and figurehead Ruth Davidson has fallen seven points to 22%.

The Brexit Party was on 6%, while the Greens are on 4%.

According to the Electoral Calculus website that would translate to 50 SNP seats, five Liberal Democrat MPs, three Conservatives and just one Labour MP.

The polling company said it shows voting intention for the main two parties is down throughout the UK, with "both Labour and the Conservatives experiencing dramatic slumps in several regions".


It said that at the same time the Lib Dems have seen double-digits increases in most regions, as have the Brexit Party compared to UKIP’s performance in 2017.

The right-of-centre Onward think tank believes Conservatives would have to target traditional Labour voters from towns such as Warrington in order to win the Christmas general election.

It urged the party to target north west of England towns including Warrington, Halifax, Wigan and Workington in order to gain these key regional seats.

And the YouGov poll in the north west, shows the Labour vote has taken its hardest hit, with support for the party falling by a massive 25 percentage points to 30% since 2017.

It now puots Labour, behind the Conservatives (33%) in a region the party considers its own.

However the support for Conservatives in the region has also dropped from 36% to 33%, while the Liberal Democrats are on the march with support rising from 5% to 17%.

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A YouGov poll for Sky News carried out on November 5, showed the Conservatives UK lead had dropped to 11 points.

Voting intention puts the Tories on 36%, Labour on 25%, Lib Dems on 17%, Brexit Party on 11%, Greens on 5% and SNP 4%, with Plaid Cymru on 1%.

This comes in a poll of 1,667 Britons taken after Jacob Rees Mogg's comments on Grenfell and the allegations about ex-Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns surfaced, but before his resignation and Boris Johnson's campaign launch outside Number 10.