A double-decker bus has lost its roof after it hit a railway bridge in Inverness.

The Stagecoach double decker crashed into Harbour Road bridge, completely destroying the top deck, but no passengers were on board.

Ambulance crews were called to the scene to treat the driver but his injuries are not thought to be serious.

Part of the road was closed and emergency services are at the scene, after the alarm was raised at around 5pm.

It is not known if it is causing disruption to train services.

Inverness City Taxis posted a photo on Facebook and advised the public: "Avoid the Longman for a while tonight."

One onlooker said: "I spoke with the driver. He was a lovely man and felt horrible.

"Took all I had not to just give him a hug. The police officers were so nice to him, made sure he was ok..

"It's not the first or last time to happen on that bridge."