Scotland’s desire for independence is “unstoppable” and must not be blocked by the next Prime Minister, the SNP’s Ian Blackford has said.

The party’s Westminster leader argued that to refuse Scotland the power to hold another independence referendum would be undemocratic if the SNP wins the most seats in the looming General Election.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Mar Show, Mr Blackford claimed that a “move towards independence is unstoppable, it will not change whether there is a Corbyn or a Johnson government in London.”

Mr Blackford told Andrew Marr that the SNP were “wanting to lock the Tories out of office” to prevent the UK leaving the European Union, in addition to fighting for a second independence referendum.

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“Our priorities, principally, in this election is about making sure we can escape Brexit – that’s the first thing – but also securing Scotland’s right to choose its own future”, Mr Blackford said when asked about forming potential coalitions with other parties.

On the issue of securing powers to hold another Scottish independence referendum, he said: “It doesn’t matter if it’s Jeremy Corbyn or if its anyone else, whoever is Prime Minister has got to respect democracy and the simple fact of the matter is the SNP won the election to the Scottish Parliament in 2016 on a manifesto commitment of a referendum if there was a change of circumstances.”

Warning the Tories and Labour to not block another independence vote, he added that if the SNP wins a majority of Scottish seats on a commitment to hold another vote, “it will ill-behold any prime minister to stand in the face of democracy and the right of Scots to choose.”

General Election 2019Mr Blackford (centre left) and party leader Nicola Sturgeon (centre), with an anti-Brexit message at the party’s General Election campaign launch (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Mr Blackford also sought to blame Tory austerity for one in four people – approximately one million people – living in poverty in Scotland, calling for a commission to look at how to tackle the issue of inequality across the UK.

Asked about SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon not being included in televised debates on ITV featuring the Labour and Conservative leaders, Mr Blackford confirmed the party would be taking legal action against the broadcaster.

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Referencing his party’s previous position as third-largest in Westminster by seats and their 12 years in government in Scotland, Mr Blackford described the SNP’s exclusion from the head-to-head debates as “grossly unfair”, adding that they would be in court on Monday to challenge the decision.

“We’ve got to recognise that the public take their view from these debates. Many people will make their minds up based on those debates and there has to be an issue of fairness – not just for us, but the other parties need to be represented in that debate,” he said.