Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn shared the spoils in the battle for the public's approval in the first TV election debate - but the overriding public feeling was frustration.

YouGov figures report the public is split nearly 50/50 in deciding who won the ITV head-to-head.

The snap survey of 1,646 viewers suggests the public is about as divided as they were three years ago when the UK voted to leave the EU, with 51% of respondents to a poll by YouGov excluding don't knows saying that Boris Johnson performed best in the ITV debate while 49% say that Jeremy Corbyn was strongest.

Most viewers think both leaders performed well, with two thirds (67%) saying so of Corbyn and almost six in ten saying likewise of Johnson (59%).

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Nevertheless, the abiding emotion emanating from the audience is one of frustration. With both leaders seen by some as avoiding answers on key questions, fully 58% of viewers chose the word “frustrating” when asked to choose up to three words to describe the debate. The second most common sentiment was that the debate was “interesting” (45%), followed by “engaging” on 35%.

The Herald:

Boris Johnson was ranked more prime ministerial (by 54% to 29%) and more likeable (by 54% to 37%).

The figures, however, found that Jeremy Corbyn was ranked more trustworthy (by 45% to 40%) and more in touch with ordinary people (by 59% to 25%).

The Labour leader was seen as better on the NHS by 54% to 38%.

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But it was the Conservative leader that performed best on the question of Brexit, beating Corbyn by 63% to 27%.

YouGov also ran a preliminary survey published earlier in the day that showed the public expected Boris Johnson to perform better by 37% to Jeremy Corbyn's 23%.