SAJID Javid has accused Nicola Sturgeon of “getting into bed” with a party “riddled” with anti-Semitism in order to secure an independence referendum. 

The Chancellor said Ms Sturgeon “would have to explain how she can prop up” Jeremy Corbyn despite concerns from Britain’s Jewish community.

He insisted the Scottish people face a “stark choice” at the upcoming General Election, and argued the SNP has no credible plan for Scotland outside of the UK. 

Mr Javid made the comments during a campaign visit to Norbord Europe, a wood panel manufacturer near Stirling. 

The Scottish Conservatives won the constituency by just 148 votes in 2017, and it is seen as a key target seat for the SNP.

The Chancellor said: “If Corbyn can’t get a majority then he will absolutely have an alliance with Nicola Sturgeon. 

“They have already had discussions. It’s clear they have already agreed that they would have another divisive referendum on Brexit – but also a divisive referendum on independence. 

“That will be chaotic – two referendum in the UK in 2020. 

“Nicola Sturgeon will have to accept that, yes, she might get her beloved referendum with a Corbyn-Sturgeon alliance, but she will be getting into bed with an individual that has serious issues with Britain’s Jewish community...and has a problem of anti-Semitism riddled throughout his party.”

The Conservative Party has faced criticism over Islamophobia, with the Muslim Council of Britain accusing it of approaching the issue "with denial, dismissal and deceit”.

Mr Javid said the Tories were “absolutely against” another independence referendum. 

He said: “When the last referendum took place in 2014, everyone agreed – including Nicola Sturgeon – that it was a once in a generation event. 

“It was right to have the referendum then. The Scottish people spoke out and gave a very clear verdict that they wanted to remain part of the UK. 

“I know five or six years have passed since then, but it’s not a new generation. It is wrong to have this referendum again and we are absolutely against it, we think it’s divisive and we will not support it. 

“As for Nicola Sturgeon’s claims that if Scotland had a referendum they’d keep the pound – first of all, whether it’s the pound or the euro or whatever, they don’t have a plan for Scotland outside the UK, because they know that when you actually get into the detail, Scotland will always be better off being part of the family of the UK.

“That was what was accepted by the Scottish people in 2014, and I think that message is just as strong today.”

Mr Javid hit out at the SNP’s domestic record, adding: “If Scotland were an independent country they would have the biggest Budget deficit of any country in Europe. They need to get their house in order.”

He said the SNP has been “absolutely obsessed by independence referendums and as a result they’ve neglected delivering on everyday services for the Scottish people.”

Elsewhere, he defended the Conservative Party’s manifesto after a top economic think-tank said neither the Tories nor Labour were offering a “a properly credible prospectus”. 

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said the parties were not being honest with voters.

Mr Javid said: “What we have done in this election, which I think is unprecedented for any political party, is the Conservatives have published a very detailed costings documents. It’s available there for everyone to see.”

He said it “sets out every additional expenditure that’s in our manifesto and exactly how we’re going to pay for it”.

He insisted the “numbers more than add up”, and argued Labour’s manifesto amounted to “taxes for the many, not the few”. 

Mr Javid also blamed the SNP and Labour for holding up Westminster’s Budget process by helping to delay Brexit.