THE former head of the Better Together campaign has branded any Labour deal with the SNP as 'genuinely idiotic'.

Blair McDougall, a Blairite, said Jeremy Corbyn's party had accepted what he called the Scottish nationalist premise that politics was about place rather than ideas.

Asked about Nicola Sturgeon propping up a Labour government after this month's general election, Mr McDougall said: "It's like sitting on a branch and doing a deal with the guy who is sawing the branch. It's crazy. It makes no sense."

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Speaking to The Times, Mr McDougall piled scorn on London leftwingers who equated Scottish independence with anti-colonial struggles. He said: "The left leadership of the party view this through their anti-imperialist worldview where any national struggle, from Papua New Guinea to Costa Rica, must be part of some historical meta-narrative about resistance and struggle."

Such a worldview, he added, was undermining arguments for socialist solidarity from Scottish Labour Richard Leonard. "That belief in solidarity is completely undone by a national leadership who are unable to make that argument because I am not sure they believe in it," he said.

Mr McDougall ran for Labour in the last general election, coming third in East Renfrewshire, behind the SNP and the winning Tory.

Those two parties, he said, are now in a symbiotic relationship based on identity politics, "Every discussion about politics and policy is about where that decision is made and not about what that decision is," he argued. "And that has been terribly to the detriment of the country."

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Unlike other Blairites, he said he intends to stay in the party, despite anti-semitism rows which have hurt its campaign in East Renfrewshire.

He said: "All of our Jewish activists have left. All of them. It is quite tough to square that."