Prior to 2010, the very idea of having the UK’s political heavyweights standing in front of a television camera attempting to convince the British public to give them their vote in an upcoming general election was dismissed as an Americanised fad that would never make its mark across the pond.

Fast forward to the end of the political decade and they have become an essential part of the election cycle.

When a televised debate was first mooted in 1964, then-prime minister Alec Douglas-Home rejected the proposal on the grounds it would become “a Top of the Pops” style-contest where the winner would be “the best actor”.

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However, putting the melting ice sculptures to one side, this campaign’s televised offering has been compulsive viewing.

With five debates still remaining, here is everything you need to know about who will be arguing for your vote and how you can watch it.

The STV leaders’ debate - Tuesday, December 3

Who is taking part: Jackson Carlaw, Richard Leonard, Willie Rennie and Nicola Sturgeon


The STV debate will see the leaders of Scotland’s main parties face questions from the broadcaster’s political editor Colin Mackay.

The Scottish Greens, the Brexit Party and UKIP were not invited to take part, however STV say they are  planning a series of interviews with party leaders, to include representatives from the three missing out.

It starts on STV at 8pm.

Head-to-head - Friday, December 6

Who is taking part: Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson


After clashing on ITV last month, Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson will go head-to-head again, this time on the BBC, live from Southampton.

Both dodged the seven-way leaders debate on ITV, but will have nowhere to hide on Friday when they face 

The last clash between the two featured tricky questions from the studio audience on Brexit and honesty and they are unlikely to get an easy ride here either as they face questioning from Nick Robinson.

The Lib Dems are not happy about being excluded however and previously threatened legal action similar to that which they brought against ITV last month.

They were unsuccessful in that bid, but may try their hand again with the public service broadcaster.

It all gets underway at 8:30pm on BBC One.

Question Time Under-30 - Monday, December 9

Who is taking part: ‘Leading’ party figures

So far in this election cycle, we have had the Conservatives dropping an hour-long Boris Johnson dance track, Michael Gove quoting Stormzy and Jeremy Corbyn retweeting M.I.A.

On December 9, the BBC will give ‘leading party figures’ the opportunity to connect with the youth (vibes) in front of a select audience of under-30s, hosted by Emma Barnett.

The debate will be broadcast in prime time on BBC One at 20.30. Radio 1, 1Xtra and 5 live and will have “full digital coverage”.

Participants have not been confirmed as yet, but it is unlikely to be any of the leaders.

...ok boomer.

It kicks off at 8:30pm on BBC One.

BBC Scottish leaders debate - Tuesday, December 10

Who is taking part: Jackson Carlaw, Richard Leonard, Willie Rennie and Nicola Sturgeon


After taking the stage seven days earlier, the leaders of Scotland’s four main parties will be back on our screens in the BBC arena on December 10.

Facing a studio audience and presenter Sarah Smith, Jackson Carlaw, Richard Leonard, Willie Rennie and Nicola Sturgeon will make their bids for your vote less than 48 hours before Scotland heads to the polls.

It will get underway on BBC Scotland at 8pm.

BBC Question Time - Friday, December 13

Who is taking part: Fiona Bruce and a panel of political types


This is a little bit of a bonus, like a general election Match of the Day, but with markedly less Gary Lineker.

Fiona Bruce will chair a special edition of the political debate show the day after Britain goes to the polls.

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By that time, we will know who is in number ten, who is clinging on and what needs to happen next.

It will bring the Christmas election campaign to an end and by that time, I think most of us will be ready.

After that, roll out the Quality Street and Die Hard and give yourself a well-earned break.

This one is on BBC One at 8:30pm.