With just over a week to go until the general election, we take a look at the state of parties down south as part of the national polling data.

The polls, published by the Press Association, track 7-day opinion polls in the build-up to the general election. 

The aggregate poll shows the average polling numbers for each party from a number of sources to try and show the voting intention. 

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It is important to note that PA does not take into account Scotland only polls - using only UK wide data - therefore the SNP has not been included in the graph from the Press Association. 

*PA polls do not include Scotland only polls, therefore, it has not been possible to track Scotland voting intentions through video*

Looking at polls from October to December we can chart the growing or declining popularity of each party in the build-up to the Westminster election. 

And while it may have seemed like a car-crash at times, the 'Get Brexit Done' rhetoric from the Conservatives seems to have been working. 

Video One - Voting intentions from Oct 30 - Nov 5th

Aggregate polls from November 28 - December 4 have them up 5 points higher than a poll showing voting intentions from Oct 30 - Nov 5th with the Tories sitting at 43%. 

It has also been a strong month for Labour with their commitment to WASPI women and reducing rail fares appearing to resonate with voters. A poll from the same time period has them up 6 points to 33%. Labour is also up 3 points in the aggregate polls from the end of last month. 

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It is less encouraging reading for the other parties with the Lib Dems down slightly from 14% to 13 with both the Greens and The Brexit Party down 2%.

While the PA aggregate poll does not take into account Scotland, poll from Panelbase showed the SNP could see their sear count rise from 35 to 41, with support rising from 37% to 40%, while Labour faced being wiped out in Scotland.