Nicola Sturgeon was voted the winner of the STV Leaders' Debate in an online poll on

Although the poll is far from scientific, in that it was shared by a number of MSPs on social media, the poll amassed over 9,000 votes and saw a significant majority back the First Minister. 

Nicola Sturgeon won the poll with just under 8,000 votes and 87% of the vote. Jackson Carlaw finished second with 7% of the vote, while Richard Leonard pipped Willie Rennie in 3rd by just over 200 votes. 

Jackson Carlaw claimed Nicola Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn could “take over our country next week”, the SNP leader was adamant that Boris Johnson was “utterly unfit” to be PM and “must be stopped”.

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But Mr Carlaw claimed if the Tories are not the largest party in the Commons after December 12, Mr Corbyn could “sell out Scotland and cave into Nicola Sturgeon’s demand” for a second vote on independence in 2020.

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Nicola Sturgeon and Richard Leonard clashed on Trident which Willie Rennie criticised the NHS spending by the Scottish Government.