THEY have been dubbed the ‘most obedient pups in Scotland’ who have been trained to pose for a variety of photographs and videos for good causes over the last eight years.

Now the Shetland canines are making charities paws for thought as the superstars in their very own sell-out calendar which has been winging its way around the world.

Animal lover Kaylee Garrick has taught her seven dogs named, Fenton, Thiago, Thorin, Gimli, Murphy, Ghost and Jara some new modelling tricks - by becoming the stars of a special photoshoot in which they are posing in unusual costumes.

Mrs Garrick, 29, an ambulance technician from Scalloway, Shetland who is also a keen photographer, snapped the pack donning kilts, wellies and sunglasses, for the calendar that is giving the original Calendar girls a run for their money.

She captured them on camera on the shores of her island home and used autumn leaves and winter doggie jumpers to match the seasons.

And the clever canines’ calendar as been a sell-out success raising £2000 for good causes.

Life in front of the camera is chicken feed for the six Shetland sheepdogs and Alaskan Klee Kai,who have been snapped at various locations across Shetland in the past eight years. including the beach and historical monuments.

Their snaps, which feature them often lined up in perfect unison and in costumes – have been used in the hospital in Shetland and on tourism websites promoting the area across the country. The canines are known to sit for lengthy periods perfectly still, waiting for their next instructions.

The Herald:

The photos of the pups have been used to calm patients, mainly children while they travel in an ambulance.

They have even featured in a more intimate moment – Ms Garrick’s marriage to Robert in 2018 at Bogbain Farm in Inverness.

Last year they were used to launch a campaign to encourage more people to learn about basic life support training such as CPR.

Ms Garrick even taught her dog Fenton to perform CPR and potentially save people’s lives.

The pooches were used in her campaign to catch people’s attention, as well as strip back any fears people may have of learning CPR.

Her Don’t Paws, Start CPR social media campaign featured an instructional video featuring her dog carrying out life-saving CPR on a mannequin.

The cover for the calendar features her dogs arranging themselves into a heart shape and cuddled up close. Mrs Garrick added: “The response has been overwhelming, I could easily have sold double.

”We sold out extremely quickly with orders flying all over the world - USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand to mention a few places.”

She produced the calendar after repeated requests from her social media followers and said: “Our photos usually feature quirky ideas, such as lining the streets wearing coloured sunglasses, relaxing in a field with butterfly wings, or looking tough dressed up as the Peaky Blinders.

“If it’s got rainbows, makes you laugh and has seven or eight dogs in it, you can pretty much guarantee that’s one of my photos.”

The calendar also features a Shetland word of the month so people from around the world can learn a little bit of the old Norse language.

Mrs Garrick said: “ I have already had an American tourist come up to me with a grin on his face, telling me about his “peerie toonie dug” a term he’d learned from his calendar.

TASC, The Ambulance Staff Charity, which reaches out to anyone in the service who may need help, has received half of the cash raised, while the other half went to Bravehound, a charity that trains therapy dogs to help war veterans return to life outside the forces.

Mrs Garrick explained: “TASC is a charity close to my heart, in working for the ambulance service you become part of a family.

Our job can be pretty tough to say the least and once too many I have learned of a family member who we’ve lost to suicide - a death which may have been prevented had they received help from their ordeal.

“TASC aims to reach out to anyone in the service who may need help and hopefully prevent a hero from suffering in silence.

“Bravehound is aimed at our war veterans who struggle to reinstate themselves back into normal life when they return home.They do this by training therapy dogs to act as lifelong companions for them.”