BBC Scotland has issued an apology after ex-footballer Michael Stewart went on a rant about Rangers’ director of communications on its Sportsound radio show.

The Sportsound show has not been made available as a podcast after Mr Stewart, now a football pundit, launched into a heated debate over former sports journalist Jim Traynor, who leads the Ibrox club's communications.

Before Tuesday's show, host Kenny McIntyre read out an apology live on air.

He said: "Before we get to tonight's topics we apologise to James Traynor for the discussion on Sportsound last night.

"It was not fair and balanced and he did not have the opportunity to respond.

"On this occasion we did not adhere to our editorial values and standards and we have reminded those concerned of their responsibility to follow our guidelines while working for the BBC."

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It came out of a discussion about an Alfredo Morelos interview, aired earlier in the day by Sky Sports, in which the Colombian striker said he had been subject to racial abuse "on and off the pitch" since moving to Scotland three years ago.

Earlier in the week, a man was charged with breach of the peace after allegedly tampering with the £20million-rated footballer's car.

A newspaper report on Sunday then claimed that the man - who had been found lurking next to the £150,000 motor - was a private investigator hired by his wife.

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Mr Stewart alleged the interview for Sky Sports with Mr Morelos in which he reportedly made allegations he had been racially abused in Scotland was staged to deflect from the impact of the story.

Mr Stewart said on Monday night: "Alfredo Morelos has done his first interview today with Sky Sports. It was filmed on Friday. Last week there was a story in the newspaper about somebody tampering with the brakes of his sports car.

The Sportsound apology

"Now, who fed that line? Because it certainly wasn't the police ... and there was an interview set up and recorded on Friday which was released today that gets everyone distracted [from] talking about something else, which is a poor story, racism in Scotland. We don't want it. If there's evidence we condemn it, quite rightly so.

"Last week somebody leaked a story about tampering with brakes, completely unfounded and what does it do? I get messages saying I'm complicit in attempted murder along with other people. Utter garbage. And that is what I find extremely disappointing, because somebody [is] stoking fires for their own personal gain.”

He went on to make accusations about Mr Traynor.

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Mr McIntyre immediately interrupted him saying: "No, he's not here to defend himself, Michael. That's not our view. He will feel he is representing the club."

But Mr Stewart would not stop, and went on make further allegations.

Mr McIntyre interrupted him again saying: "Michael...this is a guy that is standing up for his club, a lot of Rangers fans will be happy he is doing that."

Mr Traynor has been approached for comment.


Mr Stewart also spoke about Mr Morelos' reported claims that he had been racially abused in Scotland in the Sky Sports interview.

He said: "It's disappointing to hear those things.

"But when you're making accusations like that, where's the evidence?

"Now the lack of evidence is not evidence in itself of it not happening.

"But when you're making big statements like that, where is the evidence?

Police Scotland are still investigating a complaint that the Colombian international was targeted at Celtic Park.

He said: "It's disappointing to hear those things.

"But when you're making accusations like that, where's the evidence?

"Now the lack of evidence is not evidence in itself of it not happening.

"But when you're making big statements like that, where is the evidence?"

Mr Morelos has since reportedly claimed that his wife "had nothing to do with" his car allegedly being tampered with.

A newspaper has reported that Mr Morelos told a Colombian radio station, VBar de Caracol, that his wife, Yesenia, is innocent.

He said: "We hope that the person who was underneath the car tells the truth, who did it, because my wife had nothing to do with it."

Earlier Celtic issued a statement calling for an investigation from Sky Sports, following the broadcaster's interview with Mr Morelos.


The Scottish champions' called for an investigation into the interview by the broadcaster for "inconsistencies between the words spoken... and the subtitles used by Sky Sports".

The statement on the club's website read: "Celtic Football Club has today asked Sky Sports to conduct an investigation into an interview broadcast yesterday, which accused Celtic supporters of racist behaviour.

"Translations provided to Celtic Football Club have shown inconsistencies between the words spoken during the interview broadcast and the subtitles used by Sky Sports.

"In particular, and most concerning, while the broadcaster used the following subtitle on screen: "Afterwards it was very frustrating to hear the crowd screaming at me. They were saying offensive and racist words."


"Mr Morelos does not use these words anywhere within the extended interview which has been broadcast across Sky’s platforms."

Sky Sports have since removed the interview from their website following questions over the accuracy of the translation.

A spokesman said: "We are aware of concerns raised about the content of the interview with Alfredo Morelos. While we are checking those we have removed the material from all our platforms."