Rabbiting on

GOING on holiday makes Lucy Wright from Paisley feel guilty, as she has to leave her rabbit in Scotland, where the furry wee fella is taken care of by relatives. (Lucy’s relatives, not the rabbit’s.) However, Lucy assuages her guilt by bringing bunny a postcard from every trip. He’s received cards from Spain, Florida and France. “I always write a message on the back,” says Lucy. “My husband thinks I’m bonkers. But I’m sure the rabbit appreciates it.” And what gives her that idea? “He gobbles the postcards up the minute I slide them in his cage,” she reveals. “They must taste better than carrots.”


THE movie Cats got some of the worst reviews of any recent movie, though reader Colin Phelps believes such ill will is unwarranted. “They played it on a flight I was on,” he says, “And there were only two walkouts.”

Drum stick

IN the 1960s reader Phil Martinson played drums in a Glasgow band. He wasn’t a particularly musical fellow, and only got into gigging for the gaggle of gals he thought it would attract. Unfortunately very few females came to watch, and those who did were more interested in the singer. Phil does recall conversing with one young lady after a sparsely attended performance. “She said I must be the laziest member of the band,” he recalls. “I asked her why, and she told me I was the only one who’d managed to wangle a seat to sit on.”

With a certain degree of bitterness, Phil adds: “I tried telling her it was hard to play the drums standing up, but she wasn’t listening. She’d waltzed off to talk to the singer by that point.”

Eye, eye

WHEN Toby McClemont offered to help his grandmother clean out her attic he hoped to unearth a few interesting odds and ends. No ends did he find, alas. Though when it came to odds… “In an old washbag I found a glass eye,” he reveals with a shudder. When Toby showed it to his grandmother she said: “What a shame you didn’t find that before your granddad died. That’s his favourite. He had to be buried with the spare.” Toby is still trying to figure out how anyone can have a favourite glass eye. “It just looked like a dusty marble to me,” he says.

Mind your language

FUMBLED phrases continued. Jim Morrison’s mother-in-law, Jeanie, stated some years ago that she still had the same telly and video recorder from way back, though all her friends now had the VDs.

Tree-mendous effort

IN his career as a lumberjack, reader Greg Christie managed to cut down 25, 578 trees, precisely. “I know the exact figure because I kept a log,” he says.

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