A group of Aberdeen Labour councillors suspended after forming a coalition with the Conservatives have been out in the cold for 1,000 days.

The nine representatives, including council co-leader Jenny Laing, were rebuked by former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale following the local government elections of 2017 when they formed a partnership with the Tory group.

UK deputy leadership candidate Ian Murray and Scottish deputy leader hopeful Jackie Baillie have since called for their reinstatement.

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Political rivals have also urged Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard to step in and bring the matter to a conclusion.

Scottish Labour has said it does not comment on ongoing disciplinary matters.

The councillors have been waiting for a decision from Labour’s ruling executive for almost three years.

SNP MSP Kevin Stewart, who represents Aberdeen Central, said: “Richard Leonard is failing in his duties as Labour leader – he is an embarrassment.

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“We’ve now reached 1,000 days since these power-hungry councillors were suspended for ditching their principles to team up with the Tories – with no end to this sorry saga in sight.

“Labour might talk a good game on democracy and fighting Tory austerity but they can’t be taken seriously with top leadership candidates now lending their support to councillors who have propped up this right-wing Tory administration.

“It’s time for action. Will he back or sack these councillors? The people of Aberdeen deserve an answer.”