Former Rangers owner Craig Whyte has said that he believes Rangers are a "new club".

The 49-year-old was asked on BBC's Off The Ball whether he believed the club today are a new club or the same one he bought for £1 back in 2011, with the former Ibrox man stating that he thought they were a new club. 

When asked: "Are Rangers a new club? What's your view?" He replied: "Yes, obviously they are."

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Whyte admitted that if he could go back in time, he would have "put Rangers into administration on the first day" and that the only money he took out of Rangers was when " the club paid a parking ticket for me for £60."

He said: "I thought it was possible to make a profit. It has the potential to be a great business. It's got 50,000 people prepared to buy season tickets every year. People will go back and do it again and again. There's definitely potential for that business to make a good profit.

Whyte also insisted that he did not look out for Rangers results saying "I don't live in Scotland now, so I don't listen to Scottish football results."

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However, it was his comments on the history of the club, a topic that is often argued about amongst Celtic and Rangers fans, that sent social media into a frenzy. 

Speaking to The Herald, Whyte said on his time at Rangers: "I regret the outcome. Some of my decisions could have been better at the time. I have no problem apologising for that. But I think it’s clear where the blame lies for what happened to Rangers. 

"I don’t have an issue for apologising for any mistakes I made with what happened to Rangers. Of course, I made mistakes. But it is not my fault what happened to Rangers."