The BBC has been questioned by viewers over its decision to interview Nigel Farage on Newsnight about the coronavirus outbreak.

The corporation was dubbed as “irresponsible” following an episode which aired last night that interviewed a range of guests about whether the government should be doing more to tackle the spread Covid-19.

While many health experts appeared on the show, viewers were quick to question why Farage had been invited on the show to discuss the Covid-19 outbreak. 

The Brexit Party leader was quick to criticise the Prime Minister's response to the outbreak  claiming it was “bordering on negligent.”

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He said: “This disease is spreading very, very quickly in Milan.

“I think to be just be carrying on with these flights coming in with no tests of any kind - initially we flew people in from Wuhan we put them in quarantine, we brought them back from the ship in Japan and we put them in quarantine (but) now we couldn’t care less and I think this is a real failure of leadership.”

He added: “I think in a couple weeks time  we discover that many people have been infected in this country by travellers that have come back from northern Italy, there will be hell to pay.”

He also discussed the response of the US president to the Covid-19 outbreak advising both Donald Trump and Boris Johnson to “study what is happening in Milan'' and “how bad it is becoming”.

LBC's James O'Brien questioned the integrity of the BBC for their panel selection of Nigel Farage saying: "You start off chasing ratings by using ignorant grifters to ‘balance’ experts in TV & radio ‘debates’. You end up with Nigel Farage talking about Coronavirus on Newsnight."

As well as Farage, former health secretary Lord Andrew Lansley appeared on the program along with epidemiologist Dr Tom Jefferson, Associate Professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Dr Adam Kucharski, Head of Infectious Diseases at King’s College London Professor Stuart Neil, Intensive care consultant Dr Carl Waldmann, economist Vicky Pryce, and Head of Research Strategy at Eurasia Group Meredith Sumpter.

But, many questioned the decision to have Mr Farage on the programme at all.

Labour candidate for Harry McCarthy labelled the decision as "irresponsible", writing: “Why is Nigel Farage being interviewed about #COVID19 on #newsnight? He’s not an expert.

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In a statement, a BBC spokesperson said: “A clip of Nigel Farage appeared as part of a package looking at the political response to Coronavirus. There were a range of interviewees included in the programme."