Virgin Media are investigating issues with mobile phone connections following complaints across the country.

It comes as millions across the UK revert to home working following government advice in the coronavirus pandemic.

Virgin Media were unable to explain what is causing the problems, but the company have been bombarded with issues from customers.

Down Detector, which has received hundreds of reports from users since 9am states that the worst hit areas are the UK's major cities, from Glasgow to London, including Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

It says some 53% of the reported problems are with mobile phone, while 29% are about cable internet, and 16% are about mobile internet.

Customers complaining about mobile phone issues were early this afternoon being told by Virgin Media online that they were aware "some customers" were experiencing "intermittent issues" with mobile which are being investigated.

A Virgin Media spokesman earlier said: “There are no widespread broadband issues on our network.

“We’re aware of an intermittent issue affecting voice services for some of our mobile customers but this has no relation to our other services. We’re working to get this fixed as quickly as possible and apologise for any inconvenience.”

Virgin Media were unable to say how many customers were being affected by the mobile connection issues.

Among those registering their concerns online was Linda Pile who said: " My mobile hasn't worked for two days for outgoing calls. I have to use WhatsApp but some friends aren't on WhatsApp and the call quality is poor. I keep meaning to leave Virgin. Why don't I???"

in the last two hours is Louis Leedham who said: "Just like other users I am self employed and currently have an internet connection that's barely functioning and customers cant call me.


"Currently on hold for the third time after being cut off twice. Absolute joke. Not only am I losing business but I will be paying customers I support as I cannot meet SLAs [service level agreements]!

Absolute joke."

Darren Snell added: "Can't even call 789, this is happening all too often and affects my business, not like we don't have enough to worry about in business at the moment!! Virgin's game needs upping, big time."

And Amnir Patel added: "I am eight-and-a- half months pregnant and I cannot call anyone, it gives me severe anxiety and it has been like this over the last two days.


"It is ridiculous for what we pay and then they have the cheek to rise prices when they feel they need to. What are you doing about it? If I need to call for help how will i do it?"

Virgin Media have been contacted for comment.

It comes after UK phone networks are suffering a severe outage, with EE, O2, Vodafone, Three, Virgin Media and GiffGaff customers all reporting issues on Tuesday.