FIRST Minister Nicola Sturgeon has pleaded with young people that it is "crystal clear" they shouldn't go out to the pub for one last time this weekend.

Ms Sturgeon was speaking as she announced the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Scotland have increased by 56 to 322. 

There have been no further deaths in Scotland related to the virus.

Ms Sturgeon appealed for young people to take seriously the advise for people not to go to cafes, pubs, cinemas and other crowded places - in a bid to supress the spread of the virus.

She said: "I know that some of the sacrifices we are asking people to make, we are asking people to funamentally change the way that we live out lives. These will become more apparent to us and more difficult as we head into the weekend.

"I know that there will be some of you who might be wanting to head out to the pub for a final night out or looking forward to a meal out with friends.

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"My guidance to you is clear, and crystal clear, please do not do this. 

"You must not consider this vital health advice to be merely optional."

Ms Sturgeon added that following the advice is "vital to help us save lives".

She added: "I do have a concern about younger people who I know will be disappointed not to be able ot to socialise with their friends over this weekend.

"I cannot be clearer - please do not think that this advice just applies to other people and not to you. As a young  person, if you get this virus, there is no absolute guarantee that you will just have mild symptoms.

"Even if you have mild symptoms, you still risk passing the infection onto  people who are more vulnerable. Please do not take that risk."

The First Minister reitterated her earlier advice that all people should follow.

She said: "Reduce your social contact unless it is absolutely essential to go out - that means working form homew where possible, it means staying away from crowded places like pubs, restaurants and cinemas.

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"All of us need to follow the guidance. It is there for the protection of all of us.

"Let's not look back in a few weeks and wish that we had done more to protect ourselves and each other. The time to act is now."

Scotland's chief medical officer, Dr Catherine Calderwood, warned that there is evidence that even young people "can become significantly unwell" if they contract coronavirus. 

She said: "All of the scinetific advice tells us that these measures will be effective to slow the spread of the virus, to prevent many people becoming so sick that they are admitted to hospital.

"But the measures will not be effective if people do not comply with them.

"While the vast majority of people will have mild symptoms, we know even in younger people, they can become significantly unwell."