Piers Morgan clashed with Health Secretary Matt Hancock in a heated interview on Good Morning Britain this morning.

The Health Secretary and the GMB host clashed over the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis during an appearance via video link.

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Morgan quizzed Hancock over the government's strategy and whether or not the government had been prepared for as well as the treatment of NHS staff, the government's advice and whether the UK should go into full lockdown.

Following claims such a proposal had been discussed at Cobra meetings, the GMB host called for a full-lockdown of the UK saying:  "Boris Johnson is a libertarian we keep being told, he believes its wrong to remove people's liberty. I couldn't give a stuff, honestly Health Secretary. I don't think you agree with it either, I think from what I've been reading, you think we should be locked down."

Responding, Hancock said: "As Health Secretary, I am working every hour that there is to protect people.

"The tittle-tattle that you talk about, I'm not going to get into. I've got more important things to do to keep people safe."

He added: "We've brought into the army to help that distribution work."

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Hitting back, Morgan questioned why the government was so "woefully prepared" to which Mr Hancock responded: "That's not the case and I think you know it."

"That is the case," Piers retorted. "The nurses don't feel protected."

The Health Secretary replied: "No I wasn't saying that. If you allow me to answer the question... getting the masks, getting the protection to the front line is mission-critical."

He continued to say that there is "distribution going out right now" and that the issue is that "there are suddenly many more cases of coronavirus".

The interview set social media alight with one user writing: "Very little point of interviewing Matt Hancock if Piers Morgan constantly talks over him. Self-promotion as usual from Morgan."

Another wrote: "I forgive Piers Morgan for everything else he’s done. Brilliant in standing up to Matt Hancock who is now trying to deny ‘herd immunity’ was ever a thing."

One user of social media wrote: "Matt Hancock on GMB has just proved beyond all doubt why he is unfit to be the health secretary, why Johnson is unfit to lead the country, and how corrupt the conservative government is. Piers Morgan, I don’t normally agree with you But well done for exposing Hancock / Johnson."

Another was more critical of Morgan with one saying: "This interview is not helpful. Matt Hancock is doing all he can and is working 20 hours a day to protect us. Piers is shouting misinformation & second-hand quotes at him ?! I like Piers but can’t understand this questioning at all. Let him spread his important information"