SENIOR SNP politicians have called for “resignations” and an independent inquiry by the party after Alex Salmond was acquitted of all 13 sexual assault charges against him.

Mr Salmond has been found not guilty of 12 charges and not proven of another charge – being acquitted of all the allegations against him.

Kenny MacAskill, SNP MP for East Lothian and a former Scottish justice secretary Tweeted that he was “delighted for Alex Salmond”.

He added: “Some resignations now required.”

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Joanna Cherry, regarded as an ally to Mr Salmond, has called for an independent inquiry into how the SNP has dealt with the allegations.

She said: “I am very pleased that Alex Salmond has been acquitted of these charges.  

“Those of us who know him, and indeed many of the thousands of people who have met him over the years, did not recognise the man described in the evidence led for the Crown. 

“The press reporting of such cases must always be done carefully but I am pleased that having heard all the evidence the jury has found him to be innocent of the charges laid. 

“This verdict of acquittal is the culmination of two very lengthy investigations by the Scottish Government and Police Scotland and two court cases. 

“In both cases, Mr Salmond has been vindicated and serious questions now arise about the background to these cases especially given the considerable sums of public money which have been expended.”

She added: “As a feminist, lawyer and former specialist sex crimes prosecutor I fully support the right of all women who make a complaint of a sexual crime to have their complaint properly investigated. 

“However, I also support due process and the principle of innocent until proven guilty.  

"Some of the evidence that has come to light both in the judicial review and at this trial raise very serious questions over the process that was employed within the Scottish Government to investigate the alleged complaints against Mr Salmond and I am sorry to say some of the evidence also raises serious question marks over how these complaints were handled by the SNP. “

Ms Cherry reiterated the words of Mr Salmond by stressing that once the coronavirus pandemic has been supressed, more information will be provided around the internal workings of the SNP.

She said: “We are presently in a time of great national crisis and dealing with the pandemic must take precedence. 

“However, in due course, the inquiries before the Scottish Parliament must be allowed to complete their work. 

“There should also be an independent inquiry into how the SNP dealt with these allegations and an inquiry into our internal complaints procedure with which many members have expressed significant dissatisfaction.”

She added: “I am sure the complaints manager and chief executive would welcome the opportunity of an independent review to assist them in developing a proper system for the management of complaints and the support of party volunteers, staff and elected members.

“In the meantime, it goes without saying that Mr Salmond must be allowed to re-join the party without delay, if that is what he wishes to do, and that his place in the party’s history must be restored to the prominence it deserves.”

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SNP MP Angus MacNeil added: "Glad that Alex Salmond found not guilty.

"A man with much more to contribute to Scotland's cause."