It’s the home schooling art lesson children across the country are taking part in - and spreading a little cheer as they do.

Youngsters throughout Scotland are drawing, painting and making rainbows to hang in their windows or gardens as part of a nationwide bid to boost morale and send out a message of hope.

The so-called Rainbow Trail movement offers children an activity to do while they are off school, while also giving them something to look for when they are out walking in their local area.

The trail is part of a number of moves in recent days to try to make things better for children during the coronavirus outbreak.

A Facebook page set up to encourage people to take part has attracted more than 100,000 members, with those signed up posting photos of their colourful designs.

The page states: “All you have to do is create Rainbow pictures and stick them in your window for children to find on walks, especially during this hard time. You can be as creative as you like using pens, paints or anything you have to make one. Please share it. It would be great to get everyone involved including young and old.”

In one local community in Morningside, North Lanarkshire, many of the houses have several rainbows in their windows and children out walking with their parents are enjoying counting them as they pass by.

One resident, mother-of-two Katie Brunton, said: “It’s been so great for the community. It has really lifted spirits and given the children a little bit of hope.”

Another added: “It’s been great, it’s given the kids something to do, and seeing all of the rainbows when we’re out for a walk has let them know that their friends are all in the same position.

“It’s also been great fun looking for them all and choosing our favourites.”

The movement has also been trending on Twitter with the hashtags RainbowChallenge and RainbowTrailUK, and several schools have got involved, encouraging their pupils to take part.