The daily death tally due to coronavirus has hit a record level.

Eight have died in Scotland from Covid-19 - the highest number in one day since the outbreak -bringing the total number to 33.

On Thursday the Scottish Government reported three new deaths.

It has been confirmed the number of positive cases is now at 1,059 - an increase of 165 from yesterday.

The daily rise in cases is just ten less that reported on Thursday - 30 higher than on Wednesday.


The previous daily death high came on Wednesday, when the Scottish Government reported six deaths.

The chief medical officer said that only about 1,000 people had been confirmed with coronavirus but she thought the real figure might be 65,000.

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"While it is dangerous to go day by day, I want to really emphasise that I would now be estimating that there are more than 65,000 people in Scotland infected," said  Catherine Calderwood.

"The vast majority of those people maybe do not realise they have coronavirus or perhaps have symptoms and thank you to them for self-isolating."


The First Minister said there were now 72 patients in intensive care units.

Nicola Sturgeon said this is the first weekend we will be in lockdown but it won't be the last.

She says everyone needs to continue self-isolation to ensure we have the best chance of tackling the outbreak.

"The collective national endeavour is helping to slow down the spread of this virus, protect the NHS and save lives," she says.

She praised NHS staff and says the show of solidarity with workers was much appreciated.

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Charting the daily death announcements

But she says the best way to support the NHS is to stay at home and self-isolate.

She says this is the first weekend since lockdown and people would be itching to get out.

"It is vital all of us stick with this," she said.