A Glasgow Elvis impersonator has become a viral star after performing an impromptu gig from a tenement balcony. 

The whole of Scotland is currently on lockdown in a bid to stop the spread of the feared coronavirus

But one singer wasn't about to let a killer virus step on his blue suede shoes and decided to cheer up his neighbourhood by belting out a few of The King's hit songs. 

Unfortunately, the Glasgow Elvis' performance attracted the attention of the police. 

A video of the incident was shared to Twitter, showing officers knocking on the door of a tenement whilst the imitation Elvis sung Burning Love. 

Twitter commenters suggested the Elvis incident happened in Coatbridge. 

On social media, users were all shook up about the gig, with some suggesting it was mean-spirited for neighbours to call the police and others saying they were perfectly justified.

"Who's the joyless w***s that called the cops man?" one Twitterer wrote.

"Not nice if you're nurse just back from night shift or parents trying to get kids off to sleep," another added. 

"Very much depends what time and how long.

"As me Da taught me: 'Allus leave 'em wanting more!'"

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