A ROW has emerged online following the naming of Glasgow's new temporary hospital at the SEC.

We told yesterday how the emergency facility to treat coronavirus patients is to be named in honour of a Maryhill nurse - Louisa Jordan.

Jordan dedicated her life to aid efforts during the first world war in countries including Serbia - before dying of typhus aged 36.

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Despite being recognised every year by the people of Serbia, Louisa Jordan remains fairly unknown in Scotland - with many believing it is now fitting to give her the recognition she deserves.


But others have hit out at the decision - saying it creates more division between Scotland and those south of the border.

They say they'll be referring to the facility as Nightingale Glasgow - joining the 4000-bed facility at the Excel Arena in London.

Former Labour MP Douglas Alexander is among them.

Following the announcement of the name, Mr Alexander said: "Let's focus on making a difference and not proving we're different.

"As a son, grandson and great-grandson of Scottish doctors, I think 'Nightingale Hospital Glasgow' would surely have better reflected the truth that we're all in this together."

Hitting out at the former Labour MP's "small-mindedness", Glasgow South SNP MP Stewart McDonald replied: "In Kraguievac, Servia, there is a ceremony to remember the Scottish Women's hospital each year.

"I think that's worthy of emulating back home in some way, even if Douglas doesn't.

"We should never allow his brand of small-mindedness make us write off their heroism."


The debate sparked a row on Twitter, with #NightingaleGlasgow ranked the top trending topic in the Glasgow area.

One Twitter user, Kerry Burrows, wrote: "As a Scot living in London, I'm really disappointed to see the SNP use this crisis as another opportunity to promote separatism at the most inappropriate time.

"The majority of Scots will refer to the hospital as #NightingaleGlasgow despite their efforts.

"How embarrassing for Scotland".

Jamie Blackett added: "A slap in the face for the British Army who have worked so hard to get #NightingaleGlasgow ready."


Urging on people to focus on the crisis at hand, Twitter user @powkatty wrote: "Really. I mean really?

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"We're are in the middle of a crisis and people are picking on the name of an emergency facility.

"It doesn't matter what it's called. It matters what it does. It's not called #NightingaleGlasgow".

And Andrew McCourt said: "Some right roasters bashing the name of the temporary NHS hospital at the SEC, who instead of just accepting it's honouring a woman that our education system didn't shine alight on, use it to make a political point."


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