Glasgow is still the intended venue for COP26, when it is rescheduled next year, Whitehall officials have confirmed.

Boris Johnson's official spokesman said this morning that the event "remains hugely important" but it made "practical sense" in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to call a halt to the climate summit.

It was announced last night that the international conference was to be cancelled this year, with many expressing their disappointment.

The spokesman added that it "remained the intention" for the event to be held in Glasgow when it is rearranged, despite a previous row over suggestions that alternative venues being sought south of the border.

He said: "What we have set out on COP is that the intention is to go ahead with the summit next year.

We'll be working with our international partners on the precise date, but it does absolutely remain the intention for it to be held in Glasgow.

There was a discussion between ourselves and our international partners, and it was felt that, at a time when the world is focused on dealing with the global pandemic, saving as many lives as possible, that it makes practical sense to postpone COP, to hold it next year, and to work hard on ensuring that it is a great success.

"It remains a hugely important event."