AN SNP politician has been accused of making "tasteless" remarks about the coronavirus death rate in Scotland and England. 

Douglas Chapman questioned whether Scotland's "vastly superior A&E performance" or its "unique coronavirus assessment centres" were the reason for its lower death rate.

The Dunfermline and West Fife MP wrote on Twitter: "Recorded deaths from #Covid in England are double the rate of what they are in Scotland

"It’s reasonable to ask WHY? Is it NHS Scotland’s vastly superior A&E performance OR is it Scotland’s 50 unique coronavirus assessment centres keeping infected patients away from GP surgeries?"

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie called on Mr Champman to withdraw the comment.

He said: "Douglas Chapman's dubious analysis of Covid-19 death rates is tasteless. 

"It is certainly not in the spirit of partnership with the rest of the UK that the First Minister has adopted.  

"I am sure she will be embarrassed and uneasy that one of her Members of Parliament has acted in this way.  

"The families who have lost loved ones and the health care workers risking their lives everyday on the front line want all our politicians to work together to help them through this crisis.

"Douglas Chapman should withdraw his remark and turn his attention to more worthy activities.”

Scottish Conservative health spokesman Miles Briggs said: “Mr Chapman should delete his pathetic, gloating tweet and apologise to all the families who have lost loved ones and our NHS professionals working flat out during the coronavirus outbreak.”

It is thought population density partly explains the higher death rate in England.