THERE'S no denying the coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone's lives in Scotland - and although we are only allowed trips outdoors for exercise and essential groceries, some specialist delivery services mean that you can also treat yourself while staying safe at home.

In Scotland, there are many small, independent companies worth knowing about that deliver sensible quantities of high-quality food and drink to our doorsteps.

Essential goods, meat and fish can all be safely and easily delivered straight to your home — or even to the homes of those you can't spend time with at the moment as a gesture or gift.

These “contact-free” delivery companies are already well positioned to offer their services to self-isolators while safeguarding their own staff.

Feast your eyes on this hand-picked selection of the very best food and rink delivery services operating in Scotland at the moment. 

INVERARITY MORTON – Wines and Spirits Merchants

Inverarity Morton have been proudly supplying the bar and restaurant scene in Scotland since 1945 and now for the first time ever we are delighted to be able to offer our award winning portfolio of wines for home delivery and consumption.

Until now you could only find these wines at your local quality bar or restaurant – they are not in supermarkets or large retail outlets and we import directly from the wine maker and producers in their own country – this gives us access to real quality, value and exclusivity on these products.

The Herald:

We operate from our Warehouse in the south side of Glasgow and offer a delivery service within 20 miles of the G46 postcode. We also offer a contactless click and collect service – we bring the products to your car whilst maintaining all the social distancing guidelines.

Go online at to see our latest offers.

The Herald:

Its not only wines we supply, we also have a large range of spirits, beers and mixers – including a great selection of Scottish Craft Beers and Scottish Gins .

We are an independent family owned Scottish Business and been voted Drinks Supplier of the Year in the Pub and Bar awards for the last five years – we deliver Monday to Friday and will have your order to you within 48 hours – often sooner.

The Herald:

The range currently online is just a small selection of what we offer, we have over 5,000 products in our Glasgow Warehouse – please enquire at  if you are looking for anything in particular.

So, why not try a family-owned Scottish-based importer of unique and quality products?




Fresh Select delivers fresh quality butcher meat, poultry, frozen and ambient products.

We offer a free next-day delivery service to Glasgow and Greater Glasgow areas.

Given the challenging times, we have quickly switched from delivering to Scotland’s catering industry, restaurants, bars, and hotels, to delivering straight to your home.

It started off by supporting local communities and associations that needed help and through recommendations we are now providing hundreds of homes in Glasgow with their weekly shop.

We have over 30 years industry experience in the food trade and pride ourselves on our quality foods and unrivalled service and customer support.

We have put together butcher packs from our most popular products, starting from £14, however you can order single products and we have no minimum spend. You can find our packs on our website  or our Facebook page

Director Joe Stack said: “We have always tried to help out communities through supporting charities, work with homeless associations, and this year sponsoring East Dunbartonshire Football Club and now we are trying to support Glasgow the best was we can.” 

The Herald:

The Herald:

If you are looking for a family butcher pack, we recommend our most popular pack, Family Feast which consists of:

1kg extra lean mince, 1kg Stew, 1kg Pork Loin, 8x Beef Olives, 4 x 8oz Gammon Steaks, 4 x 4oz Beef Burgers and a whole Roast Chicken, all for £40

Another favourite is our Breakfast Pack at only £14, consisting of: Black Pudding (500g), Square Sausage (500g), Pork Link Sausage (500g), Bacon (500g), Potato Scones (2x6) and 30 eggs.

The Herald:

We would like to thank all our customers for supporting us during this challenging time.

To find all our packs visit our Facebook page or, to place order 'Message' or call 0141 255 1870.



Locally-sourced fresh fruit and vegetables are a wonderful and healthy treat anytime, but the experience is truly complete when they have been delivered right to your door on time and in perfect condition.

Delighting customers with quality and value for the past ten years, Lanarkshire-based HLD Fruits aim to deliver real value for money as well as an excellent service and all round experience – with their ever-expanding website offering a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all.

The Herald:

As well as delivering directly to homes, the firm has been successfully supplying bars, restaurants, hotels, cafés, all across central Scotland since 2010. The firm works closely with as many local suppliers as possible and where possible sells Scottish produce.

At HLD Fruits we predominantly supply fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy, the firm’s online shop at has much, much more on offer.

Home deliveries can be ordered from the easy-to-use site – just click on the goods you want then pay, with deliveries arriving just 1-3 days from order. A notification email will be sent on the morning when it is due to arrive.

The Herald:

HLD Fruits’ website is constantly adding new products and hoping to make the experience a one-stop-shop for our customers. Over the coming weeks, the firm will be introducing even more products that they can delivery safely to customers door.

All deliveries are contactless so there is no need to see a driver – HLD Fruits will simply ring your bell or chap your door and leave your order on your doorstep.




Illicit is a true urban craft distillery with a hands-on fascination for boldly exploring and reinterpreting classic ideas, and a mission to make memorable, unique, contemporary drinks.

Based in a re-purposed railway arch under train tracks that serve Glasgow’s famous Central Station, they embrace the city’s industrial heritage and DIY-ethos.

Inspired by tradition, they are continually looking to the past — but always with a critical eye, without reverence or nostalgia. Taking the best from history and finding a way to interpret it that’s interesting or unexpected.

The Herald:

All their spirits are made by hand in small batches of less than 200 bottles, with a direct-fired copper pot still, and aged on-site.

Since launching in 2018, they have released three distinctive gins; starting with their London Dry. Believing that classics shouldn’t be messed with, they have stayed true to style by creating a punchy juniper-led spirit, easing into warming spices on the palate and a bone-dry finish.

This was followed by their New Tom - a modern take on the “Old Tom” style favoured by Illicit distillers prior to London Dry. New Tom is sweeter in character: distilled with pink peppercorns, rosehips, and tonka beans, and sweetened post-distillation with bee pollen and honey.

The Herald:

Finally, in late 2019, Blacklist gin was released. Setting out to create a gin with the rich smouldering character of some of their favourite whiskies - bringing together Scotland's two great spirits - they smoked juniper berries over Scottish peat to impart a deep smoky flavour to the spirit.

Complimented by the addition of black cardamom, lapsang souchong tea, black peppercorns, and finally infused with activated charcoal to anchor and enhance the flavour, the result is an unconventional gin - jet black in colour - and with a heady undercurrent of smouldering peat and warming spices.

All three products are currently available to via their website (orders fulfilled by Royal Mile Whiskies) with free UK delivery during the lockdown period.




Nudie Snacks are a local based healthy Snacking Company headquartered in Ayrshire.  Like all of us in these challenging times we are having to adapt to the ever changing environment. Following the government advice about staying home, keeping safe, but we are open for business!!

We are here to help you stay safe, delivering healthier snacks straight to your door.

Nudie Snacks are a delicious range of plant based snacks, high in fibre, high in protein and low in sugar. That taste awesome!  We have something for everyone in our snack box - packed full of flavours that every one will enjoy.

The Herald:

We are vegan-friendly and gluten-free with plant-based snacks that are much better for you than traditional confectionary or crisps.

Whether staying in is the new out and you are on the sofa snacking, working out on line to Zumba classes, out on your daily walk or cycle, working up a sweat or just working hard trying to keep the kids satisfied throughout home schooling, Nudie Snacks have you covered.

The Herald:

Smarter Snacking for all of your sweet and savouring cravings keeping your hunger at bay and packed full of plant power to keep you on track.

Try Nudie Snacks with your favourite tipple, cold beer or Gin & Tonic our Roasted chickpeas and Sour Cream & Chive Broadbeans are a perfect match.

The Herald:

Don’t be a couch potato, try Nudie Snacks and get 20% off your first purchase discount code HERALD20.

Delivered straight to your door in 48 hours, pick up our snack box at


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Taking its name from the rock so closely associated with the North East of Scotland, Granite North Gin is inspired by the rugged peaks and ancient forests of the Scottish Highlands.

Developed for the modern adventurer, Granite North is a super smooth London gin packed with flavour. A juniper-forward gin, its fresh, citrus taste is smooth enough to drink on its own or with a light tonic to release even more of its zesty flavour and is robust enough to stand up and stand out in cocktails.

The Herald:

Its outdoor personality is revealed in the subtle infusion of Grand Fir needles that complement the native taste of its juniper cousin, helping to summon the fresh aromas of the pure mountain air.

Handcrafted in small batches in the Highlands of Scotland, Granite North Gin is distilled using water from its Cairngorm Mountain range home. With its rich contour of flavours capturing the essence of the rugged Highland landscape, Granite North Gin will warm on the coldest winter nights and refresh on the balmiest of summer days.

The feel of Granite North may be outdoorsy, but its packaging is oozing with contemporary styling, its striped back Scandi feel really sets it apart. The handsome bottle evokes the contour lines of mountains in a modern minimalist style that stands out in any drinks cabinet.

The Herald:

Granite North have a special lock down offer for you! Buy a bottle of Granite North Gin from the link below and be sure to use code “granitegoodies” to receive a free Granite North glass and 2 x Franklins Light Tonics!

Just click