The SNP are looking to be on track for a majority at next year's Holyrood election, according to an 'astonishing' YouGov poll.

The survey of 1095 Scots found 54% plan to give their first vote to the party in the election next spring, while 45% would pick them for the regional vote, putting both stats at an increase of 8%.

Ballot Box Scotland says this would result in the party taking 68 seats - an increase of five from the last election.

HeraldScotland: Credit: YouGovCredit: YouGov

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The poll, which was released on Friday evening, also put the Conservatives on 25%, with Labour in third on 15%.

It also predicted an increase of four seats for the Scottish Greens, which would mean 78 of the parliament's 129 MSPs would be in favour of Scottish independence.

The YouGov poll also found that 51% of Scots would vote for an SNP candidate to represent them at Westminster if there was a General Election tomorrow. That's an increase on the 45% the party achieved in December, where they secured 48 seats.

SNP MP Pete Wishart welcomed the projection and described the result as astonishing.

He tweeted: “Simply astonishing. And we’re on 54% for Holyrood. Often see people on here saying we’re finished or they’re leaving the party. The Scottish people seem to like what we’re doing.”

Glasgow South MP Stewart McDonald echoed those comments while acknowledging campaigning was on pause amid the coronavirus crisis.

He posted: “The latest polling is utterly astonishing.

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"Party politics has rightly been put to one side for the time being, but this shows a strong sense of confidence in @NicolaSturgeon and our party. Our values in action will build the coalition needed to deliver independence in Europe.”

In analysis provided by YouGov, the rise in support for the SNP has been attributed to the Covid-19 crisis, which is echoed in England with the Conservatives.

The researchers called the boost “rallying to the flag” amid a time of crisis.