Scotland's border with England should be policed to prevent day-trippers from entering or leaving the country if lockdown measures are lifted down south, according to an SNP MP.

Angus MacNeil spoke out following a report that senior police officers believe the Scottish force would have to take action if there are different rules on movement.

As reported in our pro-independence sister paper, The National, residents of the Scottish Borders are already claiming that some holiday cottages in the area are occupied.

At the beginning of the lockdown, many people attempted to travel to their second homes in rural areas of Scotland in order to self-isolate.

It prompted fears that they would put too much strain on communities with a limited number of food outlets and poorly serviced by health facilities.

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The National reports Mr MacNeil said the Border might have to be policed if, the Scottish Government and Westminster policies on easing the lockdown diverge.

He warned: “If England opens up too soon they are heading for another downturn because England, like Scotland, has no idea about the asymptomatic in their midst. If people move and mix more the virus is going to spread.

“On the Irish border the guards are there to make sure people are not moving and it may be the case that we have to do the same at the Scottish border. Policing the borders would not be impossible to do. It is already being done for the islands.

“On the whole most people are being good. A few make it through on the ferries but are booted back.”

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He said that if restrictions were eased in England some Scots could decide to go for jaunts south of the Border.

“That is another risk as they might want to go to England to enjoy the freedom but they could take the virus to England or bring it back with them. For the good of both populations, the Scottish Border should be policed for day-trippers or those whose trips are non-essential if the English decide they want to ease up. Most people use the A1 or the A74 so it would be easy enough to do.”

Read the full story on The National.