Police officers are stopping and fining people who try to drive into Scotland from England.

Coronavirus lockdown restrictions are stricter north of the border than they are down south, prompting motorists to travel to the border from as far away as London. 

But Cumbrian cops are waiting for the interlopers and have fined 100 people over the weekend. 

Some were exploring the Lake District while others wanted to cross in Scotland. 

Officers even fined a family of four who were driving to Fife to collect a dog.  

Assistant chief constable Andy Slattery of Cumbria Police said: “We had a busy weekend, obviously with the three-day bank holiday starting with the VE Day celebrations we had numerous calls to parties.

“It was a busy day on Friday and this carried on into the rest of the weekend. A larger number of people than normal were breaching the lockdown regulations.”

“A lot of people had pretty scurrilous reasons for travelling,” he added.

“Many admitted they shouldn’t be out but thought they would chance it anyhow.

“This weekend we ended up issuing more than 100 fixed penalty fines.
We actually issued more fines this weekend than we have in the entire
lockdown period.

“It’s been challenging, but the vast majority of the public has been really co-operative with our officers.

“There has been a small minority of people who have been difficult
and abusive and these are the sort of people that will continue to be
difficult and abusive. We are doing a public service.

“It’s not to restrict people’s freedom, it’s to protect lives.”

On May 11, officers stopped a family that was on a mission to pick up a dog. 

Cumbria Police tweeted: "Family of 4 stopped northbound at J43 M6, travelling from Halifax to Cupar, Scotland to collect the family dog. 

"The dog being in the care of another family member. Fine issued and escorted south."