Nicola Sturgeon could reveal plans for lifting lockdown restrictions in Scotland this Tuesday. 

It is understood that the announcement could see the return of sports such as golf, tennis and fishing, the Sunday Times reports. 

Garden centres and recycling centres are also expected to reopen after the Tuesday announcement. 

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However, it is believed the First Minister will still not relax rules on seeing people from other households. 

Ms Sturgeon confirmed that minor changes to the restrictions would be confirmed next week. 

Speaking at her daily briefing on Friday, Nicola Sturgeon said any possible changes to the lockdown would be set out in advance.

She told Scots: “We can’t live like this forever, so we need to get some normality back as we continue to suppress the virus.”

She added: “Even when we can’t yet give firm dates on when things will open up again, at least we will seek to share with you the order of priority and further phasing.

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“Next week I will share with you more information on the assessments we are making and the range of options we are now looking at, and also any further minor changes we might make in the short term.”

The only change the Scottish Government has made to lockdown restrictions so far is to allow people to exercise more than once a day.