Christie Crawford is a NHS worker who spends her free time delivering PPE and other essentials to local nursing homes and hospitals.

The medical secretary from Ballieston, who is a single mum to 18 month old Cassius, has been dropping donations off across Glasgow prior to arranging childcare and going to work in the morning.

Christie has done all this while recovering from jaw surgery.

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Christie said: “It’s been hard but very rewarding. I’m balancing fundraising with working full time and being a mum but I also had jaw surgery at the end of last year which gave me a lot of complications. I had an operation in the middle of doing this so I was dropping stuff off with a big swollen face!

“But it got me out of bed in the morning and helped my recovery massively. The swelling went down quickly because I was on my feet all day. My parents said it was good karma.

“I’ve been purchasing and collecting donations myself and going round local stores speaking to managers. When I answered St Joseph’s desperate appeal for PPE and essentials, the sister was so emotional that I thought of their residents. That’s when I realised the impact of my actions.”

Christie fundraises alongside friend, Lynne, who she met through the pandemic. Between them, they have delivered to nearly every hospital in greater Glasgow.

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Christie said: “Lynne is the silver lining of this Covid cloud. It’s great to have met someone with the same motivation and caring spirit. We coordinate drop-offs and meet up to swap essentials from a safe distance but we have such a laugh from our cars.”

Lynne said: “I’ve made a life-long friend in Christie. If a care home puts out an appeal but I’m busy, she drives from Ballieston to Cambuslang where I live before work in the morning and drops off the donation. She’s phenomenal.”

Despite her tremendous efforts, Christie says she still wants to do more. After the summer, she is going to study nursing.

Christie said: “I’m proud of my job but I’m frustrated at not being on the frontline. This is my opportunity to contribute and make a difference.”

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