Thousands of people on Twitter have called for the UK to ‘Boo for Boris’ on Tuesday night as they grow tired of the Prime Minister’s leadership.

The social media users took to Twitter after Sunday’s press conference to propose a mass booing of Boris Johnson on Tuesday evening.

The protest, which mirrors the weekly Clap for Carers, comes as Boris Johnson said Dominic Cummings “acted responsibly, legally and with integrity” by travelling to County Durham during lockdown.

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Musician and comedian Vikki Stone tweeted:

“OKAY. #BOOFORBORIS 8pm Tuesday Tell your neighbours”

Caroline Castle added:

"Come on Edinburgh, we can #booforboris. Tuesday 8.00pm" 

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Luke Duff jokingly added:

"Boris: "are they booing me?"

"Cummings: "No, they're saying Boooooo-ris boooooo-ris” #booforboris"

However, not everyone agreed that the Prime Minister should be booed.

Iain Oakley said:

 "Well done for turning it all into a pantomime.

"When my kids were woken up by pots, pans & fireworks it was for the NHS, so I just let it go, seeing as I work for the NHS.

"Don’t #BooForBoris you cretinous sheep, use your vote"

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Twitter user naniftrauts added:

"6 months ago the public voted in a vast majority for @BorisJohnson to be PM.

"It was made clear during the campaign what he was like and yet he got a huge majority.

"Don’t now get upset when he does what he has always done!

"Don’t #booforboris just vote him out next time!!!!"

Steve Ponsford said:

"Don’t #booforboris on Thursday it would undermine all that’s good about that Thursday clap! Argue question and don’t forget instead"

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