The SNP are set to win over 53% of the constituency vote in the upcoming in 2021 Scottish Election, according to a Panelbase poll commissioned by ScotGoesPop.  

The data suggested that Nicola Sturgeon’s party would gain 48% of the regional list ballot vote in next year’s Holyrood elections.

The poll, which was reported exclusively by our pro-independence sister paper The National, would see a pro-independence majority at Holyrood with the SNP gaining an additional nine seats, bringing the number of SNP MSPs to 72 and the Greens also projected to pick up 5 seats. 

Commissioned by the pro-independence blog ScotGoesPop, it projected that the Scottish Tories would lose six seats, bringing their total down to 25, while Richard Leonard’s Scottish Labour party set to lose five seats, leaving them with 19 Holyrood politicians.

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It also suggested that if the data was applied to a Westminster election, the SNP would have 58 seats in Scotland, leaving just Labour’s Ian Murray in Edinburgh South as the only non-SNP MP in Scotland. 

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James Kelly of ScotGoesPop said that the data was reflective of the handling of the Covid-19 crisis and that the data is " a savage indictment of Boris Johnson’s mishandling of the [Covid-19] crisis".

SNP depute leader Keith Brown said: “This poll shows strong public support for the SNP Scottish Government, and our First Minister, in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. 

“In contrast, the poll makes for dismal reading for the Tories after the party’s terrible handling of the Dominic Cummings scandal. Labour too continues to be out of touch with the people of Scotland and losing even more ground in Scotland.

“We're taking nothing for granted but with majority support for independence, we will work for every vote at the next election. The Westminster system is broken and it’s time for Scotland to determine our own future.” 

You can read the full story on our pro-independence sister paper site, The National.