Five Glasgow statues appear on an online list called ‘topple the racists’ that has appeared.  The website lists statues all over the UK of historical figures it says should be removed.

It states ”We believe these statues and other memorials to slave-owners and colonialists need to be removed so that Britain can finally face the truth about its past – and how it shapes our present.”

Glasgow Statues on the list include some of those already vandalised, including Lord Roberts and Thomas Carlyle in Kelvingrove Park as well as Robert Peel, former Tory Prime Minister and police founder in George Square.

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The list also includes statues to military figures John Moore and Colin Campbell in George Square.

It has been noted however there could be some confusing of Robert Peel with his father of the same name who actively campaigned for the continuation of slavery.

The website and map does not say it advocates members of the public tearing down statues like in Bristol when the statue of Edward Colston was torn down and dumped in the river but says it wants to promote debate. It does state however, it is inspireed by the act in Bristol.

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The website states "It's up to local communities to decide what statues they want in their local areas. We hope the map aids these much-needed dialogues. Taking down a statue could also include moving it to a museum, for example."

Glasgow City Council has already, before the current protests, engaged in an academic study of the city’s buildings, streets and monuments regarding its links with the slave trade, to look at how the city recognised this part of its history.