A SCOTTISH Government adviser has apologised after labelling unionists as “anti-Scottish” amid facing "attacks” by Conservative MSPs on social media.

Devi Sridhar, the chair of public health at Edinburgh University, has deleted a tweet which responded to criticism thrown at her by Tory MSPs.

The row emerged after the global health expert said that “it is the tragedy of history that when a serious pandemic hit the world where leadership and good governance were required, Donald Trump was US President and Boris Johnson was UK Prime Minister.”

The comments led to Scottish Conservative constitution spokesperson, Murdo Fraser, claiming Professor Sridhar was “making her political colours clear”, while his party colleague Donald Cameron added: "Political neutrality from top Scottish Government adviser? Of course not..."

The impartial Scottish Government adviser hit back at the criticism, addressing her American followers on Twitter.

She said: “Scotland is now doing well in its response to Covid-19 which seems to anger anti-Scottish, pro-UK people (‘unionists’) who are now turning their attacks on me bc I serve on scientific advisory group to Scottish Govt.”

But Professor Sridhar has now deleted the Tweet and has apologised.

She said: “Deleted tweet describing unionists as anit-Scottish was inaccurate.

“I misspoke and meant to say anti-Scottish independence, trying to make distinction for my international followers who don’t understand what’s happening today. Apologies for any offence caused.”

Last month, the Scottish Conservatives pointed to remarks Professor Sridhar made about schools re-opening as contradicting Nicola Sturgeon’s thinking on the issue at the time.

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Professor Sridhar later clarified her comments, insisting “Nicola Sturgeon and I are completely aligned” - with former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson suggesting that “someone got the hairdryer treatment over the phone...”

Mr Fraser has now called on Professor Sridhar to apologise for her remarks about Boris Johnson.

He said: “These were utterly ludicrous and crass comments that are as offensive as they are inaccurate.

“Someone in Devi Sridhar’s position should not be making political comments of this nature. “I welcome the fact that she has apologised for one tweet, but it appears that she still stands by the political attack on the Prime Minister.

“She needs to reconsider this if she is to regain credibility with the Scottish people”