MORE than a quarter of Scottish voters would either definitely or probably vote for a new pro-independence political party led by Alex Salmond, a poll has found. 

A Panelbase survey for the website Wings Over Scotland found 12 per cent of voters would definitely vote for such a party at next year's Holyrood election. 

A further 14% would be "more likely than not" to vote for it. 

Meanwhile, 40% of those who voted SNP in last year's Westminster election would either definitely or probably back the new party, alongside 45% of those who voted Yes in 2014.

Respondents were asked to imagine the new party would contest seats only on Holyrood's regional list vote. 

There is no indication Mr Salmond intends to form or lead any new party.

It comes after a separate Panelbase survey for The Sunday Times found 54% of Scots now support independence, with the SNP heading for a majority next year.

The Wings Over Scotland poll of 1,026 respondents found 24% said it was "possible but unlikely" they would vote for a new party led by Mr Salmond. Half ruled it out entirely.

But 31% of 2019 Labour voters said they would definitely or probably back the party. 

Mr Salmond, who was first minister between 2007 and 2014, was cleared of multiple charges of sexual assault earlier this year.