Boris Johnson is set to visit Scotland as part of a new campaign to save the Union.

The Sunday Times reports that the prime minister could visit as early as next week and plans to tell Scottish voters that if they stick with Britain they will continue to benefit from huge economic support.

It comes following a series of polls show growing support for Scottish independence. 

The visit from the Prime Minister is the first in a series of visits across nations in the UK according to reports, with Johnson set to visit in a bid to bolster the links between the four nations. 

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A Sunday Times source said: “He will be popping up all over the UK in the next few week.”

Further polling shows that Boris Johnson’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has seen his net approval rating on the crisis fall to 99% behind that of Nicola Sturgeon.

Reacting to the news of the Prime Minister's visit on social media, Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: "Nice of Boris to send me a birthday pressie (And for those who take Twitter a tad too seriously - this is a joke!)"

On Friday, the Prime Minister claimed the Union has “proved its worth” during the coronavirus pandemic. He said there was a close collaboration between all four nations.

Addressing a question on the Union he said: “It's the oldest, most successful political partnership in the world and we certainly don't want to see it broken up.” 

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The SNP's Deputy Westminster leader, Kirsten Oswald MP, said: "It speaks volumes of the Tory government's sheer disdain for the people of Scotland that Boris Johnson believes a quick pit-stop visit to Scotland will make people forget the devastating impact decades of Tory policies have had on Scotland - as well as their plans to drag Scotland out of the EU against its will in a matter of months and refusal to devolve key financial powers to protect Scottish jobs and businesses.

"This is nothing more than a tick box trip that will fool absolutely no one.

"It's beyond any doubt that Westminster is simply not working for Scotland. Majority support for an independence referendum is now an established position and poll after poll has shown support for Scottish independence in the lead. The only way to properly protect Scotland's interests is by becoming an independent country."