A majority of Scots would vote to rejoin the European Union in a future referendum, according to a new poll.

The survey by Survation was carried out for a new 'eu+me' campaign launched by an ex-SNP MP and the party's former head of communications, who are looking to 'forge close ties' between Scotland and the EU.

The poll found 62% of Scots would want to rejoin the EU and the other 38% would opt to stay out, excluding those who voted 'don't know'.

More than two thirds (65%) of the 1127 who were surveyed also say they regret the Brexit result.

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Almost 36% (35.7%) believe the economic impact of coronavirus would have been reduced if the UK remained in the EU.

The eu+me campaign is calling for a close relationship between Scotland and the EU, and has been established by former North East Fife SNP MP Stephen Gethins and the campaign’s director is the SNP’s one-time head of communications, Fergus Mutch.

Mr Mutch, who unsuccessfully stood against Conservative MP Andrew Bowie in the West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine constituency in December’s general election, said the campaign will be a “grassroots-led force for positive change” at a crucial moment in Scotland’s relationship with Europe.

He said: “There’s a very real risk that in just over five months time we crash out of the transition period with no deal and irreparably damage the relationships that have maintained peace and prosperity across Europe for over 60 years.

“Never has an energetic campaign been more badly needed to protect our status and to help shape our future as Europeans.”

Mr Mutch said the campaign aims to “influence what comes next” and was not aligned to any political party.

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“The coming months could not be more crucial to secure the rights we’ve enjoyed for most of our lifetimes to live, work, travel, study and thrive as part of Europe”, Mr Mutch said.

He added: “Despite the turbulence of the past four years, governments have failed to settle the question of Brexit UK-wide through leadership and sensible compromise.

“High-risk brinkmanship remains the negotiating approach. It’s a strategy doomed to fail.

“People view Europe as key to our shared prosperity, and the devastating impact of a global pandemic has reinforced the fact that our recovery depends on cooperation.”

Mark Lazarowicz, chair of the European Movement in Scotland commented: “As Scotland’s leading pro-EU campaign organisation, the European Movement in Scotland (EMiS) is delighted to welcome the launch of eu+me.

“The fact that almost three quarters of people in Scotland think that we would weather the economic storms caused by coronavirus better if the UK remained part of the EU, with 65 per cent of the population regretting the UK’s decision to leave the EU, should not come as any surprise.

“It is great that yet more people from across the political spectrum are asserting the settled view of the majority of voters in Scotland that our place is at the heart of Europe.

“As Scotland’s largest membership organisation dedicated to promoting our EU future, and with members from all the political parties represented in the Scottish Parliament, EMiS looks forward to working closely with eu+me.

“With every passing day we see the bleak con that is Brexit and the damage it is doing to our country, already reeling from Covid and blindly charging towards a Brexit cliff-edge.  Being part of the EU offers us a dynamic, prosperous and sustainable Scotland, working in co-operation with our European friends on the basis of EU values of democracy, equality and solidarity.”