England seems 'content' with a certain number of virus infections and deaths every day, according to public health expert professor Devi Sridhar.

The professor of Global Public health at the University of Edinburgh called on the UK Government to "clearly articulate" its virus strategy during an interview with Channel 4 news on Thursday.

She said she feels "quite lucky" to be in Scotland, and that although you can "never celebrate" with pandemics, she says "it feels in a good place right now."

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Krishnan Guru-Murthy of Channel 4 asked the professor: “When it comes to infections and deaths, is Scotland doing better than the rest of the United Kingdom, or better than England proportionally?”

Sridhar replied:  “I guess I would compare Scotland to the rest of the world.

"I’d say right now I feel quite lucky to be here, because our testing positivity, that’s the number of positive cases of the total number of people you test, is very low – it’s under 1%, under, today, 0.5%.

"Many places in the world are on 10-20%."

She added: “Deaths, we’ve had 15 days with one death, one person in ICU.

"So of course with pandemics before you can never celebrate, you just have to hope to maintain and hope to keep that ground, but I think it feels in a good place right now.”

Sridhar was then asked about the zero-Covid strategy that she has been pushing forward in the last few months.

She replied: “I think here it’s been clearly communicated we want to get out of community transmission, when you’re out of community transmission you can have people who are shielding go outside, you can actually have schools reopen fully with no distancing, you can have contact sports go ahead because you don’t have that fear of the virus lingering everywhere.

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“You have clusters that might emerge but you can quickly detect them and contact trace, you can get out of that.

"With England, I’m not really sure.

"It seems they are trying to suppress but they’re also content with a certain number of infections every day and a certain level of death.

"So I just wish they would clearly articulate it and we could work together across the four nations to really drive this virus out.”