Frontline NHS nurses and health workers are to protest across Scotland next week to protest public sector "inequality" 

It comes after the UK Government announced pay increases for a range of key workers, including doctors, teachers, dentists and the Armed Forces.

However, some frontline workers — including nurses, social workers, and care home staff — will not benefit from the rise.

A Facebook group for NHS workers disputing unequal pay has recruited over 69,000 members across the UK.

A statement reads: "We will be standing, socially distanced and with masks, to protest against the lack of pay parity within the NHS.

"The recent government announcement of a pay rise for teachers, doctors, armed forces personnel and public sectors workers to "recognise their efforts on the front line" excludes a massive number of healthcare workers.

"This announcement is a massive slap in the face, slapped by the hand that once clapped for us.

"We deserve better.

Almost 700 Glasgow frontline NHS workers are expected to stage a peaceful protest at Glasgow Green on Augst 8 at 11am.

Events are taking place across the UK in London, Newcastle, Plymouth, Leeds, Bristol and more.

A number of protests are also taking place in Scotland including;

  • Edinburgh - 8th August - 11am
  • Inverness - 8th August - 11am
  • Glasgow - 8th August - 11 am