Readers were quick to react to the news that Jackson Carlaw had stepped down as the Scottish Conservative leader.

Mr Carlaw, who replaced Ruth Davidson as party leader in February, said he was "not, in the present circumstances, the person best placed" to lead the case for Scotland remaining part of the UK.

Carlaw quits 

“Boris Johnson and Brexit make it an impossible job. That's the real story behind his decision. Ruth Davidson who also resigned would agree. Johnson has lost two party leaders in Scotland in a very quick time. With support for independence rising - Conservative and Unionist Party are in crisis”

George McDonald, 

“Carlaw started very well in the Covid-19 crisis, he said he fully supported the FM. He got a lot of kudos for that, a real statesman - a scholar and a gent! A decent man, in what could be a decent party but is just a branch office on a leash for an indecent over-centralised party.”

Peter Piper, 

“Unionism in complete and utter disarray. And these are the people who claim they are best placed to determine Scotland's future? Laughable.”

Marc Rich, 

“I was never impressed by Carlaw, but his resignation speech was dignified” 

Graham Smith, 

“He sees the writing on the wall, not much of a future for the Tory's in Scotland.” 

John Gibson,

“I do not see this necessarily a positive for the SNP, it could turn out to be a good move by the Tory's as he wasn't that well respected within the party's faithful in Scotland. If Richard Leonard did the same then it will get very interesting in the next election.” 

Grant Blackman, 

“The conservative and unionists in Scotland are in utter disarray because they now understand that the independence campaign is on the rise and has one inevitable consequence which is the independence of Scotland.

Independence of Scotland is now inevitable. Get over it folks and welcome it as the future for Scotland and Britain.” 

Andrew McMillan, 

London has spoken and the "Scottish" tories have jumped. Those Brexiteers sure are taking back control, and it looks like Holyrood is in their crosshairs.

Jim Dempsey, 

“I do not care what party is in opposition to the main party in Scotland but they must be a good and strong opposition. The SNP have only stayed in power due to the poor opposition.” 

Stewart MacLeod, 

Joanna Cherry quits Holyrood race

Joanna Cherry has quit the contest for Holyrood next year.

The SNP MP made the decision this morning, following a meeting of the party's national executive committee (NEC) last night.

“Terrible decision by a party that's now a clear danger to the independence movement.” 

Cameron Kennedy, 

“I am a unionist, but I like Joanna Cherry, who is a talented and successful woman. I much prefer her "side" of the SNP to that of Sturgeon. Joanna succeeds based on merit and not on identity politics, that is a big difference between her and Sturgeon.”

Andy McKenzie, 

“My goodness, this is a surprise. Looks like the chance of the Westminster based MPs & the Holyrood MSP sharing a pipe of peace is now non-existent. At a time when the polls show support for indy at its highest level, it would appear that Sturgeon and the SNP are more intent on holding on to power in Holyrood than they are in achieving independence.” 

Michael McGeachy,