What's the story?

Blood of the Clans.

I'll need more information.

TV presenter Neil Oliver – a man known for his flowing raven tresses and often polarising political standpoints – presents a three-part drama-documentary series about clan conflict. Following on from Rise of the Clans, which aired in 2018, Blood of the Clans tells stories from a potent era of Scottish history using reconstructions of key moments coupled with expert insight from academics.

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What period are we talking?

The opening episode thrusts viewers into the 17th-century Scottish Civil War which triggered fierce clan warfare.

An abridged version, please.

Hostilities raged between the Covenanters, who had controlled Scotland since 1639, and the Royalists, who were loyal to Charles I. Years of bloodshed followed seeing large-scale combat, shifting loyalties and a deadly cat-and-mouse game played out against the rugged Highland landscapes.

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Who are the main players?

James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose and leader of the Clan Graham, was a Covenanter-turned-Royalist general. He faced off against Archibald Campbell, 1st Marquess of Argyll and Chief of Clan Campbell, who refused to accept the King's claim on Scotland.

When can I watch?

Blood of the Clans begins on BBC One Scotland, Wednesday, 9pm.