It will be all eyes to the skies in Scotland today - and for good reason.

The iconic Red Arrows are to fly across the UK on Saturday to mark 75 years since the end of World War Two.

They will make their way across Scotland just after 11am to recognise three quarters of a century since VJ Day (Victory over Japan Day) for 2020.

Nicola Sturgeon said people should be inspired by the “idealism” of those who fought in the war and commit to creating a “better, fairer and more peaceful world”.

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Ahead of the anniversary commemorations, Ms Sturgeon said: “On this 75th anniversary, let us pay tribute to our World War Two generation.

“Let us thank all those who have served - or are serving - in our armed forces. And let’s commit ourselves - once again - to helping create a better, fairer and more peaceful world.”

Flightpath map 

Red Arrows route - where will they go and when?

Morning Red Arrows route

Scampton - 10.44am
Lincoln - 10.46am
Horncastle - 10.48am
Keyingham - 10.52am
Biller Howe - 11.00am
Over the sea near Newcastle - 11.08am
Berwick Upon Tweed - 11.16am
Over the sea near Eyemouth - 11.19am
Over the sea near St Andrews- 11.23am
Over the sea near Longniddry- 11.28am

Over the sea near  near Prestonpans- 11.29am

Edinburgh - 11.29am
Prestwick - 11.39am

Afternoon Red Arrows route

Prestwick - 1.43pm
Dunure - 1.45pm
Over the sea near Ballantrae- 1.50pm
Over the sea near  Cairnryan- 1.51pm

Over the sea near Portpatrick- 1.52pm
Over the sea near Islandmagee- 1.53pm
Whitehead - 1.55pm
Over the sea near Greenisland- 1.57pm
Belfast - 1.58pm
Lisburn - 1.58pm
Ballyrune - 2.00pm
Over the sea near Ardglass - 2.05pm
Porth Dinllaen - 2.21pm
Broad Water - 2.25pm
Mynydd - 2.31pm
Rhyd-y-fro - 2.34pm
Cantref Resr - 2.37pm
Cardiff - 2.41pm
Cardiff - 2.43pm
Over the sea near Cardiff- 2.44pm
Cardiff - 2.45pm

Will they land in Scotland?

Yes! The Red Arrows are due to stop off in Prestwick for a fuel change, but police and organisers have been clear there will be no display.

They will land at around 11.39am and take off again at 1.43pm.

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Chief Inspector Anderson said: “I am aware that the Red Arrows are a popular sight in the skies wherever they go. However, this is a short visit to Prestwick with no display.

“If you do decide to come to the airport to see the landing and take-off, I would ask that you plan your journey to the airport. If you are coming by car please be aware that there will be no parking on the roads around the airport.

“Additional roads policing officers, including police motorcyclists, will be deployed to ensure that vehicles do not stop on the carriageway and are not parked on grass verges or pavements. Local officers will also be on foot and cycle patrol to prevent indiscriminate parking that blocks access to business or residential premises.

Live stream details

Local site Ayrshire Daily News is facilitating a live stream when the Red Arrows touch down in Prestwick.