LABOUR felt targetting Scottish seats was "not efficient" as the party is "not regarded as a serious rival" according to a leaked memo.

Confidential documents prepared ahead of the 2019 General Election advised the party should target seats in England and Wales rather than attempt to win back seats from the SNP.

The SNP have jumped on the leak, which was circulated online, saying it shows the party is "finished" in Scotland and describing it as the "Morris Minor of politics".

Scottish Labour party sources told The Herald the document was "humiliating, particularly in its outdated references to religion and the assumption that we shouldn't be trying to win against the SNP."

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The 'key seats strategy" document states: "There is no evidence that organisational investment in Scottish seats will deliver improved electoral outcomes and there is abundant evidence from the analysis of recent general elections that spending money in contests where we are not competitive (almost all contests in Scotland) is a much less efficient way of achieving changed electoral outcomes than investing in tighter electoral contests elsewhere in Britain.”

“To achieve any given small percentage increase in vote share for Labour in a seat in Scotland where we are not regarded by the electorate as a serious rival to the incumbent requires a substantially larger investment of human and financial resources than in a seat in England or Wales where we are so regarded.”

On constituency and polling data, it states: " There were differences for Scotland, where data availability is slightly more limited.

"Some constituency-level demographics, such as employment categories and percentage in poor health, were absent.

"However, one variable – proportion of Catholic residents by constituency (%) – was included for Scotland for the purpose of helping to distinguish better between Labour and SNP supporters."

Currently, Labour only have one MP in Scotland - the party's shadow secretary of state Ian Murray.

Party leader Richard Leonard has come under fire from within Scottish Labour in recent months, with accusations that he is not well-known enough or is not cutting through with voters.

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Last week Mr Leonard made a key note speech setting out his vision for Scotland - a move which was widely thought to be an attempt to boost his profile.

He has been plagued by leaks from within his own party and briefings against him since he took over as leader in 2017.

SNP Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil said: “Labour are finished in Scotland. They are the Morris Minor of politics, people sort of remember them, occasionally fondly, but no one will travel in them again.”

SNP MSP David Torrance said: “Labour are a busted flush and all but irrelevant in Scottish politics. This leaked document is further evidence, if needed, that their support base has totally collapsed in their former heartlands.

“The party’s leadership is completely out of touch with working families in Scotland. The longer they choose to cover their ears, and side with the Tories in an attempt to deny voters a say on their future, the further down the polls they will slide.”

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A Scottish Labour spokesman said: “This document clearly shows that a number of seats in Scotland were prioritised during the 2019 UK General Election campaign and the Scottish campaign received support throughout.

“As Richard Leonard leads Scottish Labour into the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections, we are fighting for every vote and every seat. Our bold policy platform calls for a Green New Deal, a National Care Service and a quality Jobs Guarantee Scheme.”