DJ Annie Nightingale has revealed she fears young women in the music industry are under more pressure to dress revealingly than they were back in the 1960s.

Speaking to The Herald Magazine, Ms Nightingale said that many female artists today are encouraged to wear “sexualised” clothing.

“Now, that wasn’t really happening to Cilla Black and Sandi Shaw and Dusty Springfield,” she said. “They weren’t wearing skimpy clothes. Some of the clothes of the sixties were quite demure. They didn’t reveal bosoms, whereas I think the pressure on a lot of women now has been much more sexualised than the sixties.

“With all these social media platforms and everyone saying you’ve got to look amazing. Life has been cruel to young people on social media.”

Nightingale, who turned 80 earlier this year, is marking her 50th anniversary as a broadcaster at Radio 1. She was a castaway on Desert Island Discs earlier this year and has just written a memoir, Hey Hi Hello.

You can read her interview with The Herald Magazine tomorrow.