Donald Trump has rowed with a reporter after asking him to take his face mask off during a press conference at the White House. 

President Trump told Reuters reporter Jeff Mason to take off his mask at a White House press conference, saying he was "very muffled."

He said: "You’re going to have to take that off, please. How many feet are you away? Well, if you don’t take it off, you are very muffled. So, if you would take it off it would be a lot easier..."

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Reuters reporter Jeff Mason refused to do so but told the President that he would simply talk louder. 

Mason was asking President Trump about his explanation behind a story that appeared in Atlantic magazine which claimed he made disparaging remarks about US service members who have been captured or killed, including that he described US war dead at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France in 2018 as “losers” and “suckers”.

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Later in the news conference, Trump remarked that one reporter who did remove his mask sounded "so clear. As opposed to everybody else, where they refuse."

Trump refused to wear a face-covering at the start of the pandemic only first being pictured wearing one in July during a visit to a military hospital.