From best-value vino to exciting new discoveries, these wine cases will impress, says Sam Wylie-Harris.

Choosing the right bottle of vino can have its challenges, especially when you're faced with a towering wall of wine and not sure where to begin.

Of course, you can always go back to the same trusty old favourites - the Bordeaux that really impresses with its smouldering, toasty nose, or the sauvignon blanc that leaps from the glass. But if mixing it up and having an ideal line-up for entertaining appeals, investing in a carefully curated case of wine makes total sense.

Not only does it take the guess work out of whether you've pulled a dud bottle, but you can pour with promise. Sourced from prestige vineyards and top-notch producers, backed by the buyer's confidence you're going to love the selection, a case can be a reliable option if you want to explore the wonderful world of wine.

Here's eight of the best wine cases to bring to the table...

1. Connoisseurs Mixed Wine Trio, £34.99, Virgin Wines

If you don't want to put all your corks in one basket, this terrific trio features a broad-shouldered Aussie shiraz made from some of the best parcels in South Australia; a mature Rioja Gran Reserva 2011 from an excellent vintage, and a juicy South African sauvignon blanc, which offers guava, passion fruit, gooseberry and citrus notes.

2. Fred Sirieix's Classic 6 Bottle Mixed Case, £48.50, Marks & Spencer

Best known as the maitre d' with matchmaking skills on TV's First Dates, Fred Sirieix has teamed up with Marks & Spencer to bring a great restaurant experience to wine lovers dining in.

"We've teamed up with TV's Fred Sirieix to guide our customers through our brand-new Classics wine range, and he's made some great selections in this mixed case," says Beth Kelly, MW, M&S wine specialist.

"It's a perfect one-stop-shop for connoisseurs who want to revisit some old-world favourites, or for those looking to expand their wine horizons and discover more about the world's best-known styles. With three red and three white wines there's a real variety in style, from a silky Beaujolais Villages to a crisp, mineral German riesling."

3. The Wine Society Exhibition Mixed Case, £75, The Wine Society

You must be a member to buy from the world's oldest wine club, but if you're passionate about wines, £40 signs you up for life. "At The Wine Society, we offer many mixed cases to our members, but this case is a selection of our flagship Exhibition range, wines blended and selected by our buyers with some of the best growers in their respective countries," says Ewan Murray, PR manager for The Wine Society. "They offer great value for money, and are benchmark examples of their regions."

4. Best Selling Wines Case - 10 Bottles, £89.95, The Whisky Exchange

From the high-altitude Andes to sunny Sicily, this bestsellers case captures the essence of New World and Old World wines, with its colourful selection of styles and grapes. "This case is fantastic value for money and has something for everyone," says Dawn Davies, MW, The Whisky Exchange. "Classic wines like juicy malbec and easy-drinking prosecco, to something for those who want to try something new, like the Catalans Les Chien Blanc and Rouge - plus who can resist the dogs on the label?"

5. Discovery Dozen Gift, £89.98, Laithwaite's

The Laithwaite's Gift Team recommend The Discovery Dozen, which introduces wine lovers to a whole host of delicious star-buys from around the world. They say it's the perfect gift for those looking to broaden their palate, while also enjoying incredible value.

6. The Chateau De Berne Collection, £70,

A postcard from Provence and next best thing to a weekend break on the Riviera, the red, white and rose in this six-bottle case are just some of the reasons we love the south of France. "Being unable to get away this year, I need something to remind me of the wider world and I've always found wine a useful way to travel," says founder, Ben Revell. "These wines could be nothing but Provencal, from the bottle shapes to the herby garrigue and warmth of the reds. I find the rose and whites disappear too quickly for me to think too long on them, but that's never a bad sign."

7. A Greatest Hits Mixed Case, £101, Honest Grapes

The team at Honest Grapes are celebrating their sixth anniversary this month, as well as being awarded IndyBest online wine shop in 2020 for the third time running. To up the ante for your next dinner party, wine director Tom Harrow says their Greatest Hits from the Sommelier Selection is Honest Grapes in a case. "Full of over-performing classics and exciting discoveries, so something for all wine lovers, and brilliant value," Harrow says of the six-bottle case. "Several of the wines have four years' maturity so are developing interesting complexities, and all have some excellent food pairing opportunities."

8. Claret to Drink Now - Six Bottle Mixed Case, £170, Berry Bros & Rudd

For a snapshot of the wine capital of the world, these three Bordeaux reds don't need the patience of a cellar master. Simon Robins, senior commercial manager for Berry Bros & Rudd, says rather than make the recipient wait for years to enjoy their gift as the clarets mature, give them a case of wines that have already been aged and are ready to drink. "In this instance, the wines have been aged for eight and nine years and have reached the optimum time to be enjoyed," says Robins. And with Margaux, St Emilion and Pauillac status, these are more than just claret.