IF you are looking for a good book to curl up with as the nights draw in, here are some of our favourite reads about nature and wild landscapes. A perfect way to enjoy an adventure in the great outdoors, all from the comfort of your armchair.

The Dun Cow Rib by John Lister-Kaye (Canongate, £9.99)

John Lister-Kaye has spent a lifetime exploring, protecting and celebrating the nation's landscapes and wildlife. This beautiful memoir shares his boyhood awakening to the wonders of the natural world and the joy he found living in the Scottish Highlands.

I Am An Island by Tamsin Calidas (Doubleday, £16.99)

After upping sticks from London to take on a derelict, rundown Hebridean croft, Tamsin Calidas saw her life torn apart at the seams. A powerful story of courage, resilience and discovering unexpected beauty in the midst of anguish.

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Marram by Leonie Charlton (Sandstone Press, £12.99)

Leonie Charlton and a friend trekked through the Outer Hebrides from Barra to Lewis on their Highland ponies in 2017. Her mesmerising account blends travel and nature writing as Charlton reflects on grief, catharsis and acceptance.

HeraldScotland: Pony-trekking in the Outer Hebrides. Picture: Leonie CharltonPony-trekking in the Outer Hebrides. Picture: Leonie Charlton

The Nature of Autumn by Jim Crumley (Saraband, £12.99)

A perfect time to delve into The Nature of Autumn, the first in Jim Crumley's four-strong series of thoughtful appreciations on the Scottish seasons. He charts a colourful procession of markers – falling leaves, rutting deer, geese flying south – from September through October and November.

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Just Another Mountain by Sarah Jane Douglas (Elliott & Thompson, £14.99)

Sarah Jane Douglas was 24 when she lost her mother to breast cancer in 1997. Douglas sought solace in the mountains of Scotland, walking in her mother's footsteps, as she attempted to make peace with a troubled past and face her own diagnosis 20 years later.

The Secret Life of the Cairngorms by Andy Howard (Sandstone Press, £24.99)

Wildlife photographer Andy Howard has spent years capturing images of the animals and birds that reside in the Cairngorms National Park. His stunning book shares unforgettable moments, from acrobatic red squirrels to secretive mountain hares and soaring ospreys.