BBC Question Time will be held in Edinburgh next month with the Capital hosting the only Scottish date next month. 

The BBC are looking for Virtual Audience for the new series of the political series with guests being able to put questions to the panel via video link from home.

When is BBC Question Time in Edinburgh?

BBC Question Time will be held on October 15th. It will be the fifth new episode of the series.

What do you need to do to apply?

To apply as part of the audience you must fill out an application form and audience members will be requested to come up with TWO questions to be considered for the programme.

You can also apply by telephone. To do so, call 0330 123 9988.

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Are there limitations on who can apply?

In order to try and attract as many new audience members as possible, the BBC is asking those who have been in a Question Time audience within the past ten years not to apply.

If you have applied before but not been successful, you are able to apply.